SkypeWe will complete Skype sign up process and we can make free video calls & instant messaging using Skype. Skype is one of the most important social networks and it is used by the entire World. This situation has become a requirement to sign up for Skype. You should have Skype address without delay to be a part of this network spans the World.

Firstly, you should click to access the registration form. You can sign up Skype by connecting your existing Microsoft (Outlook) and Facebook accounts in this form. Also you can loookup our sign up Android and sign up iPhone pages using navigation bar.

Skype sign up 1

If you do not want to use them, you need to fill out the registration form. You should fill in information such as name and surname. You must enter the e-mail address that you are using. This e-mail address is required for password reminders and notifications so we recommend you to enter your email address correctly. Complete your profile information is complete and correct. Also, you specify the intended use of Skype. After completing this procedure, you must specify the user name to use when logging in to Skype. If you choose a name that is in use this name will not be accepted. Make sure that your name is a name easy to remember. After you have determined your user name, you should create a password using letters and numbers. Finally , you must enter the verification code at the bottom of the page. If you are sure you have entered all the information for Skype sign up, you can comple the registration by clicking "I Accept" button. If you have a problem in informations , these problems will be displayed on the page with warnings. You must enter this information correctly otherwise registration process can not be performed. At this stage, we remind you again that choose a password with a combination of letters and numbers. For example : qwe123456 . If your registration is successful , you will see page as follows: "My Account".

Skype sign up 2

After registration, if you want to download Skype to your computer , you should click "Download Skype for Windows". In this way, the process of downloading can perform a very short time.